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About ihp and ihpTV:

Every day each and every one of us who uses the Internet has a certain routine about browsing the Web. Checking our email, social networks, news or whatever.


It doesn’t matter. We’ll eventually go through them all. It’s like our bucket list. We’ve got to go through them, just like our apps on our mobile devices. Meanwhile we don’t mind checking out some of our favorite web sites to see want’s going on, who’s doing what, and what’s happening in and around our tiny planet in this unimaginably big universe.


Now, here is a thought:


Wouldn’t be cool if we didn’t have to go through a million web sites one by one to get what we want?

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a common web site that would let us link to our favorites and read their latest headlines?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to see our stuff, our favorites simultaneously all  in one spot where we could read, compare and choose where we want to go or what we want to see? Just like our children, we want them all at the same time at the same place.


Now, that would be like having a common web site or a home page for other web sites. A place where some of the  most prominent web sites from around the globe are showcasing their content, all at the same time in the same place.  Not to compete but rather to strengthen each other and to unite the Web.   


If this web site could really exist it would certainly make a lot of busy people very happy and save them time... In a fast paced digital world of mobile devices if it makes our lives easier and saves us time, why not?



Welcome and thank you for  taking the time to learn more about ihpTV, a web site.


Information, in particular visual knowledge has always been in high demand. Whether at home or at school, at work or on the move we need to make it more convenient for ourselves to find not only what we are looking for but to go beyond and discover new content through new medium. A place where the information is ready  for us so we don’t have to search for it.


That’s the main goal of spending less time searching for the information we’re looking for, as we would like it to be prepared for us in an organized fashion that is simple and convenient to us and would save us time.  Less searching, more knowledge.


This web site is our way of achieving that convenience when it comes to instantly finding the latest headlines in the news, sports, entertainment and other current topics of some of the world’s most prominent web sites, news agencies and media groups as well as the latest videos on some of YouTube’s best channels.


So let us design a web site to see what other other web sites are saying, a home page for the Internet if you will, that is very simple in design, visually organized, easy to use and to the point with useful Information and links to showcase the best of the web:



ihp - internet home page  is born.



Let’s discover the Internet with ihp... Remember, it’s up to you.

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